Back in the Stacks

Back in the Stacks


We host a show, not normal,
About libraries and the news.
Entertainment for the masses,
Weekly we amuse.

From foxes to stump fingers,
From pulp fiction to computer geeks.
Pumpkin City made us retro,
While LaToya made us chic.

We hope that we have listeners,
Besides family and our friends.
We wished that we’d get money,
Only corn dogs, not quite zen.

I know I bring the color,
Token to the show.
Barry brings intelligence,
About himself we all should know.

We look for weekly victims,
To the slaughter to be chumped.
Amber and Allie our big winners,
Kell and Kenrick sadly dumb.

Barry hates to speak of politics,
On a rant he’d rather be.
About the Rook or other writings,
In the comics you shall see.

LaToya speaks of People,
Glad it’s not a book.
Season two, the show is thrilling,
Season three, we’ve not quite booked.

In the Stacks with Barry and LaToya,
A Thursday staple for our town.
Even if no one listens,
Even if few know that we’re around.

Maybe a rally to restore caring,
Much like Stewart and Colbert.
We could be the stars of Milledgeville,
With our sidekick, Golden Ears.

We often can be silly,
Stupid, boring, even vain.
But with Barry and LaToya,
Thursdays are never quite the same.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson

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