May the Writing Somewhat Commence

I’ve decided that starting today I would re-debut my poetry. I’m considering “publishing” or highlighting a poem each day. I think that they may even provide fodder for my blog posts. I few moments ago, as my husband blissfully sleeps beside me and I ward off sleep, I grabbed the folder of poems I’ve amassed over the years. I tend to do my best writing when I’m, when I’m morbidly depressed. I can honestly and somewhat thankfully say that those periods of my life are over. Somewhat thankful because I rather enjoyed the poems I was able to write in my moments of sadness and despair. Now I feel silenced. I began writing a poem a few days ago only to have completed a couplet. I wish I’d been able to finish it. However, I am glad to share my work with others. I can at least hope that it will allow others to not feel alone in their times of despair.

And so let’s begin. Today’s Melancholic Malady is the alphabetical first in the list of over 50 poems. A Feeling (pardon me for including an article of speech as an alphabetical first), was written in 2010. This proved to be a very emotionally taxing period in my life. In that very year I experienced great heartache and great love. This particular poem I wrote for and about my now husband a few months after we met. Read it, share your thoughts. Enjoy.

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