A Feeling

A Feeling

A Feeling

I know I’m Lovey Dovey,
I knew I’m really scarred.
I know I really love you,
I know that you’re aware.

In your arms you securely hold me,
On your chest I lay my head.
In your eyes I hope to discover,
A true love that I’ll never forget.

I know I’m not the first,
I may not be the last.
But in your heart I hope to,
Bring closure to your past.

In your life I’m merely a moment,
One of many you have had.
In my life you are a rarity,
Something different than my last.

I’ll be 30 before you know it,
50 knocking at your door.
But I love my sexy Kenrick,
‘For now’ and forever more.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of Beulah Davidson

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