Busy 12-Hour Day

Yep, 12 hours in the office today. My boss isn’t a fan of these types of days for me. I don’t blame him as I often do them in succession and end up burning out. We’re moving one of our facilities into a newer but smaller space and so there is a lot that has to be done before we reopen. So, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I have not written anything yet. I’m sure that my BFF thinks that I’m just blowing smoke by saying that I want to write a book. I really do. I do think that I’ll likely have to make the time to write as there seems to never be enough time otherwise. I’m still catching up on sleep and so my brain is not at all where it needs to be. I’ve also not done much reading this week which has me pretty disappointed.

I sit here waiting on my hubby. I think that that’s a part of what makes my sleep schedule crazy. We work very different hours and even though there are times I will stay in the office late in order to make use of the time that he’s also at work, it’s frustrating that our work schedules vary so much. If it wasn’t for me waiting up for him I’d be sleeping. While the rest of the staff will be off, I’ll be heading into the office tomorrow. I really don’t mind. I explained to someone earlier today that I like managing all the behind the scenes work.

The strangest thing happened to me this evening. I stopped to get gas and while I was preparing to get back into a car. A man passed me and said, “I really think your hairstyle suits your face, I want to marry you.” I politely laughed and got into my car and drove away. I was shocked. No, I don’t think that I’m ugly but I do think I’m less pretty the more weight I have on. So, that’s to say I don’t feel very pretty at present. Outside of my husband’s now occasional compliments I was truly shocked at the comment. He seemed in good spirits and was the type of middle-aged gentleman who clearly believes everyone needs to hear the music that he’s listening to in his car. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if, when he stepped from his car, there was a cloud of smoke to follow. I know, I’m being mean. I should just accept the compliment. Well then, compliment accepted.

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