Here We Go Again

I suppose I should just be glad that I’m writing something right this very moment. I had fully intended to do some writing today but go sidetracked by making some major moves on the back end of the websites I host. In addition to moving all of my sites from a hosting service and putting them on with I did the same with my brother’s, my dad’s and my husband’s. In each case they have domains in which they wanted email as well. I use a specific place where I obtain all my domain names. However, it’s been years since I used their overpriced hosting services. However, even with the free tools I’m able to do most of what I needed except for email. I discovered Zoho today. If there are people out there who have their own domains and for whatever reason cannot have email through their registrar or host Zoho’s free service. If you have questions or are interested let me know and I can write about it or simply give you all of the really simple info. The long and short of it is now I actually have an email account using my domain name. In the many years that I’ve had the domain I never have. To be quite honest, it’s because I have so many other email addresses for schools, work, business and Apple. If I really thought about it I wouldn’t be surprised if, with aliases, I had over 10 email accounts.

So yes, for hours today I was doing stuff for others. I did get some work done as well but not what I really wanted to do. I suppose subconsciously I am finding other things to do so that I can avoid the me actually sitting down and starting on my novel. Regardless, it’s been a really great past few days. Yes, even with sleep depravation I think that my mood has been pretty decent. And yes, I really should already be in bed.

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