A Change is Gonna Come

So, I’m really considering going back to school for one more degree. I had previously applied to and was accepted into a doctoral program and because the state wouldn’t recognize it on the pay scale I opted to take a break from academia. Five is an odd number, right? So it should be six. I really don’t know for sure yet. I told a friend today that my motivation in school isn’t as pure as I suppose it should be. Plus, I’m concerned about being even more over-qualified for jobs.

I’m feeling really, well, I need to find what makes me happy and I think that maybe having a full toolbox will make it easier for me to make a well-informed decision regarding my professional future. I’m also looking for some financial relief and while it may not seem to make too much sense on the surface, being able to defer

my student loans and pay down on our consumer debt will help a lot. We truly need some breathing room. I can only hope that given enough time we’ll be able to get back on track. It’s either school or a part time job. I wonder if there are any reputable online jobs that I could do.

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