Letting Go & Moving On

So much can happen in a weekend. This weekend was no different. From the nostalgia of attending my nephew’s high school football game to being gifted artwork created by my uncle (see featured photo) to the death of a family member, time waits for no one. What all these events did was provide me with the time and opportunity to reflect on the person that I am and the love of family.

No matter the cost, be yourself. I’m guilty of spending too much time in my head, analyzing and over-analyzing my own thoughts and actions. I don’t need anyone but myself to provide criticisms. I reached a point of acceptance for the person that I was and who I am. No more making excuses or ridiculing myself on being me. I’m not perfect, but there’s only one me, and I kinda like her!

Forgive and let go. So, I forgave the individual who many of my darker posts and poems are about. They may have felt that I was just a doormat or of no worth, but none of that matters now. I don’t have to let the impact of their actions change who I am and how I behave. You may have spat in my face, but I refuse to do the same to you.

Family is more than just blood. Appreciate and cherish the ones you love. You never know when they or you will not be around. You (and they) only live once.

It’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. It’s time to stop making excuses for yourself or others. Be you. Do you. Love you.

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