What’s Your Resolution?

Am I the only one who has not yet written down my New Years Resolutions? I’m of course talking to those who actually take them seriously. That would most assuredly exclude you, Barry. I do buy into all of that stuff not because it’s some arbitrary time for people to set unrealistic and unattainable goals but because it gives you a significant starting point. Although the list is not yet written I have come up with financial and personal goals. My mantra this year is, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The thing is, I wish my stress level agreed with that. So much has already happened in the first ten days that has certainly ensured that I’ll adhere to my mantra but my stress level is beyond words.

I’m watching as things at work reach a whole new level of crazy. Facility closings, staffing changes, public perceptions, etc. Then there’s home life. While I have a wonderful man in my life we’re both so busy that often times taking care of the house is very far down on the list. I’m grateful all the same, I really have so much to be happy and appreciative of. I know that I must take baby steps, breathe, and try not to stress too much. So as I ‘enjoy’ another snow day tomorrow I hope to finally make that list I have meant to and begin working on it one day at a time. I did at least streamline my website again. Check it out, http://www.latoyadavidson.com.

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