Reality Sucks


Every time I crack the door,
You slither your way back in.
Always to toy with my emotions,
And play deep beneath my skin.

With age is supposed to come wisdom,
Not true in reference to you.
With 29-year-old eyes I still view you,
Again and again, I let you creep your way back in.

You want to know you’re wanted,
All these years later still.
Yes, unrequited passions,
Lingers for you still.

Our paths will never cross again,
I’ve made sure that they won’t.
Because I understand what I am to you,
And to you, I’m just a joke.

Whenever you wanted to wield control,
On my door, you’d always knock.
Naively I would let you in,
You’d ravage me non-stop.

I always think that somehow you’ve changed,
But that reality is never true.
The one that I’m now left with,
Is the reality without you.

It’s what’s humane and necessary,
Like a dog, you’ve put down.
You’re not the person I envisioned,
You will never be the one.

I’ll love the thought of you for a lifetime,
Our shared memories I will always treasure.
But I’ve blocked you for a reason,
Because I’ll always love myself better.

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You got what you wanted,
A notch for your belt,
A friend’s former wife,
Now lays in your bed.

You lured me intently,
You made me believe,
The wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Fully devours me.

I desperately wanted,
To believe in your lies,
To believe in Prince Charming,
To renew former ties.

We knew each other, younger,
Only lust you now know,
I leapt without knowing,
That only emptiness lay below.

Thanks for the madness,
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
Thanks for taking,
What I once held with pride.

Merely a conquest,
I drove all that way,
You finished your business,
And tossed me away.

Left to pick up the pieces,
No more fun so you’re gone,
You got what you wanted,
In its wake it’s all done.

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Running on Empty



I know that I scared you,
It’s not hard to see why.
The past’s unfinished business,
A crush that you would try.

Afraid, I was frantic,
And quickly pushed you away.
Not knowing of the heartache,
Not knowing you wouldn’t stay.

I pushed you into a corner,
Lashed out – you retaliate.
A promising new beginning,
Snuffed out – seemingly fake.

You made my heart feel happy,
There was comfort in your arms.
I laughed at your devotion,
I was taken by your charm.

Perfect is in the simple,
Not trying to be more.
My apologies for having lost you,
As I come knocking at your door.

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Ignited Minds, courtesy of Suvajit Sengupta from