I remember like it was yesterday,
How safe she’d make me feel.
I was always loved and cared for,
The first grandchild on the scene.

I hold her in the forefront in my memory,
Always thinking of the past.
Hating life without her,
Not wanting it to last.

She was always kind and gentle,
Her door open to one and all.
She quietly held our lives together,
Never allowing us to fall.

In my mind she lives forever,
In my heart much longer still.
I think of her quite often,
As she lies on a Jamaica hill.

All my life I’d known my grandma,
She was there from the very start.
And now I keep her safely,
In the depths of my longing heart.

Oh, Grandma how I miss you,
My life is not the same.
I was blessed to have had you,
But your death is still a shame.

You live through those who are left behind,
Loved by young and old.
And I hope one day to be with you,
When my time comes to an end.

I love you, Grandma Peggy,
I keep you in my heart.
I wish I had more time with you,
And the pain of losing you to have never start.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson-Perez

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