My Father


You sit and toil away at your computer,
Every day and every night.
All too often it is there you slumber,
Blood shot eyes, half-opened mouth.

The monitors they keep growing,
As you hoard all of your stuff.
Servers from the last decade,
You refuse to throw them out.

But you’re loved by the very family,
Who joke about your stuff.
Even when we trip among them,
You will never shut us out.

You love your family fiercely,
And we know you’re always there.
Seldom do you scold us,
Raise your voice, you would not dare.

We can always count on Tony,
Quietly rushing to our aide.
And in the evenings we will find you,
Likely sleeping to the side.

You’ve always been our provider,
A strength that requires for you, little thanks.
But thank you my dear father,
For all the sacrifices you’ve banked.

We come to expect to find you sleeping,
Behind the computers that you love.
There’s a comfort in that vision,
A peace that warms our hearts.

You’ve been there from the beginning,
Chasing mom until she said ‘I do.’
And your kids you’ve taken care of,
Until the day we do the same for you.

You are more than just our father,
You’re my Tubby and my dad.
When we geek out on computers,
I’m reminded that you’re my pal.

Thank you my dearest Tubby,
Thanks for always being there.
Steadfast in your giving,
Thanks for all the things you share.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson

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