Old Life


You may think when I left that I’d think of you often,
But the opposite is more true because I think of you seldom.
Sure, I was grateful for the opportunities you gave,
But all those years I invested it almost sent me to my grave.

All of my twenties with a marriage and a divorce,
You were there even then when all three monikers I boasted.
But I was unhappy and drained of the joys I once felt,
Jaded and tired, I was punished when I coasted.

There are so many memories,
Of the years that I spent.
Now I’m left with the battle scars,
And all the internal welts.

You once owned me and I gave you my much younger years,
But now it’s my time to start spreading my wings.
After midnight I’d stay yearly to count down the money,
I learned all the nuances and the crevices to most things.

When I needed you most you were no longer there,
I’d slaved away for you willingly all of those years.
But that time is over now all in my past,
I know what I gave you and know what I’d lost.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson

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