I shouldn’t still love you,
But deep down I still do.
I’m in love with the memory,
Of a time we once knew.

Our love was forbidden,
As I was promised to another.
But still even a decade later,
Thoughts of you, I still shudder.

When my mind is idle,
You push your way in.
Youthful indiscretion,
In my mind, what a sin.

For one magic moment,
We were perfectly synced.
We made each other happy,
We were forever linked.

A lot has since happened,
Since the time that we shared.
Innocence interrupted,
In a place of despair.

I think of you daily,
I wish that I didn’t.
We can never go back,
F. Scott Fitzgerald proved we couldn’t.

So isolated in time,
Those moments still perfect.
No matter the years,
Of that feeling I’m certain.

I love you in memory,
Though I feel it still present.
The warmth of that time,
Will always be constant.

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Sunshine, Sunshine, You Are Sublime… courtesy of Reji from