Steadfast in her beliefs,
Unwavering in her convictions.
My Mama is everything,
In me she instilled something.

She gives me her strength,
Without even speaking.
She gives me her life,
Forever in me I’m keeping.

There’s never a moment,
When she’s far from my thoughts.
There’s nothing I’d deny her,
My salvation is what she wants.

I know I’m not perfect,
That I often fall short.
But in her eyes I am worthy,
In her heart I am hers.

She’s always my constant,
She’s always in my head.
She’s always my conscience,
It’s by her that I’m led.

I know I’m her favorite,
I’ve known since I was young.
But with compassion she loves fully,
As her days are long.

I will always remember,
How much she has given.
I know that in heaven,
Her rewards will be given.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson-Perez

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