New Beginnings


My mind has been racing,
In a good, not bad way.
Thoughts and inspirations,
Productivity is today.

I took a leap of faith,
The heathen that is me.
I said all my goodbyes,
To what was now a misery.

It’s certainly much harder,
As I work for myself.
If it wasn’t for family,
If it wasn’t for all their help.

Sure I am poor,
My degrees seem like nothing.
I’m figuring it out,
I know I can do something.

My anxiety varies,
From day-to-day.
I hope that I’ll make it,
I hope sanity will remain.

I made a big deal,
About going it alone.
I stopped looking for jobs,
I trusted my own.

I learn something new daily,
My moods and unrest.
But I’m starting over,
I’m steadfast in my steps.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson

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