My Mother


You love us so deeply,
You had us so young.
Now as adults,
We see how you’re strong.

The post office and bank,
The grocery store and the restaurant.
You give without taking,
You give with your whole heart.

As a teen I was angry,
With blind rage and a cry.
So easy to blame you,
Now I understand the reasons why.

A mother is mom,
Even when we think that she’s bad.
A mother is steadfast,
A mother’s heart is sometimes sad.

You always want the best for us,
You’ve shown us through the years.
That a mother’s true love,
Are her children and her fears.

I love you dear mother,
I might not always show it.
I love you dear mother,
And hope that now you know it.

You have given us life,
Our legacy you bestow.
With family bonding,
And daily talks on the phone.

It wasn’t until adulthood,
That I realized this.
But a mother, my mother,
Is the best on any list.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson