My Heart’s Desire

Lone tree of Love


So as you sit and consider,
If you want to be my beau.
Think about it seriously,
Even though I know you’ll say no.

I come pre-packaged with emotions,
Devoted from the start.
My allegiance already given,
I’ve already given you my heart.

You can’t suppress my longing,
You can’t tell me I must wait.
You can’t tell me to be patient,
‘Cause you’re a little bit too late.

I am a precarious creature,
Intensely I am true.
My heart it waits for no one,
No matter what the price is due.

I want to release the flood gates,
To express how I truly feel.
Even if you don’t want me,
Your honesty is what I need.

I expect my heart to be broken,
And there is no reason to be shy.
I only want to know the truth,
And not the reasons why.

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Love Tree, courtesy of Doug Wheller from