Barry’s Lament



I want to cut myself,
I want to bleed.
I want to jump down a well,
And break my knees.

The life I once knew,
Is now left in shambles.
I fell like a disappointment,
Ravaged, set adrift.

I thought I had security,
My life was all planned.
My dream job attained,
But no permanence at hand.

I was comfortable, at ease,
But then there was trouble.
All that I’d built,
Ripped away at the seams.

I look at my life,
The books that I’ve authored,
But nothing compares,
To my boy and my wife.

I’m the provider,
Their Rock of Gibraltar.
But it pains me today,
The ways that I’ve faltered.

I know this is temporary,
I’m more than all this.
The Shadows of life,
I’ll persevere this.

So much has changed,
And yet so much is the same.
I am man, I have struggled,
I am pulp writer extraordinaire.

Creative Commons License

Photo courtesy of Barry Reese