Without Looking Back



I do know that whatever your decision is,
Yes or No, We’ll go from there.
Sadly there’s no real in between,
All or nothing, our last chance.

I’m preparing for the worse case scenario,
Not because I don’t think I’m worth it.
But because I realize how life is,
I have to move on with my life’s purpose.

I’ve been a mess of emotions,
For that I do not blame you.
It’s just the way that life is,
When there is much to gain or lose.

I’m so used to just working and looking down,
And I guess when there is the chance for love.
Everything in my life somehow has to stop,
Necessity to fill that hole.

It may seem like desperation,
Like water or even air.
But the truth is that’s all I really want,
A soul mate who’s really there.

I’m told that I am beautiful,
Young, and smart, and pure.
But love is always lacking,
Never knocking at my door.

I always have to contend with,
The women who came before.
Always living in their shadows,
Never me that’s worth even more.

I know that you don’t love me,
And I’m asking for a lot.
And while I do not hate you,
I hate my own dumb luck.

It’s okay for you to tell me,
That your answer’s sadly ‘no.’
I’ve heard it over and over,
Yet still I come back for more.

It takes some time to get over,
The pain of rejection past.
But if you cannot let me in,
We must finally part at last.

Creative Commons License

Mirror, courtesy of Tom Aheam from Flickr.com.