My Immortal



Sometimes I think of dying,
As if it were a dream.
Afraid of the very moment,
Each time I go to sleep.

Will it take me in my slumber,
When my days of life are young?
Or will I go more willfully,
Feeble, old, having lived long?

I’m scared to be without you,
Is there an ever after?
Will you lay in our bed alone,
Or will it be me instead?

Is it wrong to want to go together,
In life and in the after?
How can we ever be a part,
How could either of us weather?

Because of you I want forever,
With me nestled in your arms.
I treasure every moment,
As you heal all my old scars.

I love you and I love our life,
You give me strength and hope.
And even in our darkest days,
I’m grateful to be your wife.

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The Perfect Day, courtesy of Mark Stosberg from