During that moment,
The world dramatically stood still.
I thought only of you,
And the pain that you’re in.

Mellow and centered,
Lost in that drink.
All of life’s demon,
Sucking you in.

How could life not be worth living,
As you look in their faces?
You’re their love and protector,
You’re the man in their lives.

To lose you and you leave them,
Is a decision they’d despise.
Taking your life,
And seeing the look in their eyes.

No one fully sees,
The person we are.
But love you they do,
With all of their hearts.

Life would be empty,
Cold, filled with pain.
If you left us alone,
We’d never be the same.

I don’t know what would break you,
I’d hoped we’d never know.
Because your place in our lives,
Its importance I hope you’d know.

Your life is important,
For us and your kids.
An early departure,
Would do us all in.

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Drip, courtesy of Peter Asquith from