Christmas 2011



I share this Christmas,
With those whom I love.
A year of memories,
Some sad but some fun.

It isn’t quite often,
When you take a look back.
To bask in reflection,
And not examines one’s path.

2011 is soon over,
Another year to begin.
Resolutions made,
That’s what we’ll ring in.

Christmas isn’t about,
Gifts or Santa.
It’s the time of the year,
Filled with family and laughter.

Let’s count all our blessings,
Even the ones we thought were bad.
And be thankful for yesterday,
And those days soon to come.

I’m grateful for family,
Even those I don’t like.
Happy to share with you,
This Christmas night.

Same place, same time,
Next year I do hope.
To continue family tradition,
As our family is dope!

Creative Commons License

Christmas, courtesy of Mellow_Stuff from

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