You’ve known a number of women,
Have had a handful of loves.
And now I’m among them,
The love for me not so strong.

I’m younger, less interesting,
My years you’ve already lived.
Your passion now wilted,
While mine just now begins.

Always a notch,
Really nothing special.
If you’re looking to kill time,
I’m the one, inconsequential.

I’m sick of this shit,
A fill-in for another.
You never loved me fully,
I was just a shadow.

It’s not you it’s just me,
Seriously, lies.
Just tell me the truth,
Because I can see it in your eyes.

“You’re great, dear LaToya,
But you really can’t measure.”
Up to the past,
A series of pleasure.

Accept what you get,
Don’t make waves.
Don’t dare pressure,
Take it or leave it.
You’ll take it I’m sure.

Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson

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