I don’t know what it’s like to be wanted,
Wanted so voraciously.
Desired, lusted, hungry,
Never the girl to fill your needs.

I’m always the girl to come after,
After you’re heartbroken or years have passed.
I take what it is I am handed,
Hoping that that too will somehow last.

Am I ugly, no too demanding,
I want to be taken on the floor.
Up on top of the dryer,
Banging up against the kitchen door.

Passion’s fire hotly burning,
Longing stirring deep within.
You feel beneath my clothing,
I know you’re longing to come in.

Sweat glistens off my body,
Our lips now closely pressed.
Two hearts beat quite succinctly,
You see the heaving of my chest.

I yearn to feel you deep within me,
Thrusting all of you inside.
So far into my body,
So deep within my eyes.

Creative Commons License

Forbidden Treats, courtesy of Alyssa-Joy from Flickr.com.