Correction Fluid


There’s a sadness deep within me,
Everything has seemed to change.
Each day a new emotion,
Each night feeling just the same.

I thought in you I had found someone different,
Your words I thought were true.
I trusted you more than ever,
Now that void replaces you.

I wish it hadn’t happened,
Your lapse in judgement never occurred.
I wish I was the woman,
Who your feelings you are sure.

Right now is not forever,
Social butterfly I am not.
If you don’t want me for who I am,
Don’t pretend who I’m not.

I offer you my everything,
I care for you to my core.
I accept that I’m just what you need,
And maybe just a little more.

I’m used to this, just trust me,
It hurts quite numbingly.
But my support you’ll have for always,
Even though I know it isn’t me.

Thank you for the memories,
Seven months who knows just how much more.
Stay only as long as you need,
And not another second more.

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Correction, courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski from