You got what you wanted,
A notch for your belt,
A friend’s former wife,
Now lays in your bed.

You lured me intently,
You made me believe,
The wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Fully devours me.

I desperately wanted,
To believe in your lies,
To believe in Prince Charming,
To renew former ties.

We knew each other, younger,
Only lust you now know,
I leapt without knowing,
That only emptiness lay below.

Thanks for the madness,
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
Thanks for taking,
What I once held with pride.

Merely a conquest,
I drove all that way,
You finished your business,
And tossed me away.

Left to pick up the pieces,
No more fun so you’re gone,
You got what you wanted,
In its wake it’s all done.

Creative Commons License

BOMBS, courtesy of JohnGoode from Flickr.com.