I know you’re not perfect,
It’s easy to see.
When I look at you,
I see a reflection of me.

Inadequacies overshadow the things you’ve done right,
Status and symbols is your daily plight.
A decade between us a couple more years thrown in,
Our heated fights, just wishing we could win.

I’m not jealous of your past but am concerned for our present,
I’m really not sure if our future will be pleasant.
Unresolved issues, two children to boot,
Right now I’m only thirty and not sure if I suit.

I tire of the bickering, the tension-filled fights,
Let’s do what we need to make it all right.
Pay down the bills and live like a pauper,
It may be a number of years before everything’s proper.

Words without meaning, a ring with no vows,
What do we have except our actions and now.
I hurt in this moment and am not sure about tomorrow,
All I really do know is that it can’t hold much more sorrow.

I’m not a child but a woman with a house, our home,
With a passion for loving the wrong men I am told.
Only time will soon tell me if I’m wrong or I’m right,
I just hope that the answer is different this time.

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Stress, courtesy of Daviniodus from