Christmas 2010


I imagine a Christmas with family and friends,
One with good times and memories that never end.
Eating Aunt Niki’s cooking, the women huddled in the kitchen.
Men outside playing pool, kids enjoying Christmas giving.

I imagine a Christmas with family too,
With bun bun from pelau and lots of callaloo.
Traditionally knew it as a Trinidadian,
But this year it turned out to be all Jamaican.

I imagine a Christmas when we’re not in debt,
When the economy’s not in the toilet and we all can forget.
The stress of the season, the buying, the toys,
And remember the reason why we make all this noise.

I imagine Trini Christmas and Parang music that they play,
Then I imagine Jamaican Christmas and the sweet sounds of reggae.
Times gone by we need to perpetuate,
So that the young ones take on the spirit, it’s never too late.

I imagine this Christmas, we’re continually blessed,
Fellowship and fun and all of the rest.
And this I can say and I say it so true,
I imagine a Christmas happy to be spent with all of you.

* Kenrick C. Perez, co-author

Creative Commons License

Self-Portrait, Christmas-Style, courtesy of Jim Winstead from