If I could only have one wish,
That wish would be you.
Expect the unexpected,
And your dreams will come true.

I had on no makeup,
I felt unattractive.
I’d given up on romance,
My heart unresponsive.

You changed that quite quickly,
When I gave you a chance.
Everything changed,
In only one glance.

You took me for coffee,
But gave me no drink.
To the movies we carpooled,
Not sure what to think.

You came on so strongly,
My body a magnet.
Your desires quite obvious,
Not sure how to handle it.

Within hours life changed,
So much for the better.
The love of my life,
What more could be better?

I love you for now,
For always, forever.
My booby, my stump,
My man and my savior.

Creative Commons License

Photo courtesy of LaToya Davidson