Reality vs. Fiction



Last night I dreamed soundly,
I dreamed of a book.
I actually read one,
No pictures, just look.

I know it sounds funny,
A librarian who doesn’t read.
I can tell you about gossip,
Like which celebrity steals.

I have degrees and several letters,
To follow my name.
But give me my People,
The Insider and OK.

Not Chaucer or Thackeray,
Not Austen nor Doyle.
I like all the pictures,
Celebrity charm.

But back to my dream,
Where I did truly read.
But now I’ve forgotten,
Only Brad Pitt do I see.

I appreciate the authors,
Those true to the art.
But nowadays I look forward,
To People and Star.

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Books I’m Reading (Feb. ’05), courtesy of Ario_ from