As if marking a monument,
I pen this for you.
Like others before you,
Deceptive, untrue.

I did all the talking,
You listened and preyed.
Waiting and planning,
Your den where I stayed.

You need only suggest,
I answered you call.
Skeptical but hopeful,
My wall they did fall.

In near record time,
You courted then broke me.
No consideration you gave,
No comfort, you scold me.

You lied about trying,
Only wanted my sex.
Despite knowing everything,
You were just like my ex.

A decade ago,
I knew of a guy,
Handsome and strong,
While all the while shy.

Gone for a time,
You reentered again.
Different and coy,
You played with my head.

I thought you were different,
And hoped for a chance.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Was all that – still the same.

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Early Morning courtesy of Wendy House from