One Week



I had hoped upon my leaving,
I wouldn’t be the typical girl.
Not crying with emotion,
Not feeble and unsure.

I looked at Boston, happy,
Glad the guest now finally gone.
I saw in you compassion,
Wanting for me to call.

Now gone my ties of matrimony,
But not the same for you.
No longer just a real nice guy,
But that has something new.

I knew nothing of your interest,
In a classmate of days of old.
Replaced with genuine feelings,
A story to be told.

I love like there’s no tomorrow,
I chase the guys away.
I create such mass hysteria,
But the calm, I wish it’d stay.

I leap without even looking,
And always get the worst.
I’m a shell of a human being,
Lost in fantasies, what a curse.

With you I felt real comfort,
In your arms safe and secure.
Your eyes seemed always open,
Always caring, always pure.

If a week was all we’re given,
That weekend was the best.
I leave with pleasant memories,
And absolutely not regrets.

Your mission was accomplished,
Not all men are jerks and dogs.
I know I pushed you over,
I know in me there lies much fault.

But let us not point fingers,
My faith a bit restored.
With fondness and affection,
I think sn8kize has the highest score.

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52 1/2 Weeks of 2009, courtesy of Meg Nicol from