You were inside me,
You pillaged and raped,
You ravaged my childhood,
My adulthood you would break.

Buried so deeply,
Composed and demur,
White uniform now soiled,
My innocence obscured.

I’ve forgotten the moments,
The actions of man,
My behavior a token,
Suffered at your hands.

Once happy and spoiled,
I lived by the sea,
Now capsized in shambles,
Destruction now inside me.

I don’t understand,
What steps do I take,
I’m already broken,
It must be too late.

To revisit those moments,
When you took what you took,
I’ve almost forgotten,
But my life you have shook.

Your power now broken,
I’m no longer lost or afraid,
You tarnished my childhood,
But my life I now reclaim.

Creative Commons License

Innocence, courtesy of Sabrina Campagna from

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