I’ve never felt the sunshine on my face,
Nor felt the warmth of love’s sweet embrace.
I’ve never known someone who truly cares,
Nor the constancy and commitment we all hold so dear.

I never imagined that life would be,
As terribly empty as I have seen.
The feelings of utterly complete despair,
The days and nights – no one cares.

I never knew my life would suck,
Despite the onlookers who only scoff.
The perceptions, not so real,
Reality, a prison where I can’t deal.

I never thought I would depend,
Upon the pills so that I could mend.
To cope with the pain of my so-called life,
Not sure if tomorrow will actually be all right.

Never say never because you never know,
What you’ll do, or how you’ll show.
One minute composure, intelligence and poise,
The next, you’re huddled in a corner of tearful noise.

I never thought I’d hate it all,
Willing to trade it for something small.
A moment of happiness to last the rest of my life,
Something non-toxic to end my strife.

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I’ve never felt so lost, I’ve never felt so at home., courtesy of Meg Wills from