I was the other woman,
A role I did not fit,
Taboo in social circles,
But one I wouldn’t quit.

Excited by the secrecy,
But saddened by the cause,
I thought that you were interested,
But my phone you didn’t call.

Correction, you called when wanting,
To dismiss your regular life,
To pretend that we were teenagers,
Pretending you had no wife.

You said you loved another,
But didn’t take the leap,
Squandered on a fill in,
Your feelings not so deep.

When your life – topsy-turvy,
You quickly shut me out,
No consideration,
Not thought of without a doubt.

Am I supposed to take it,
And answer when you call?
Or stand up in the moment,
Trying not to fall.

Creative Commons License

Solitude, courtesy of Lisa Ruokis from Flickr.com.