You only tolerate me when you’re sober,
You only like me when you’re drunk.
You only think of me when you need something,
Or when you’re in a funk.

You only dismiss the fact I’m hurting,
You only revel in my pain.
You only spare the time in convenience,
When you have nothing you must pay.

I only loved you with a passion,
I only explained away the pain,
I only accommodated your contempt for me,
And hid away my shame.

I only expected you to respect me,
I only sought a caring word,
I only deserved at least your decency,
But all you did was spurn.

It’s interesting the things in life,
Is oft so much a gamble,
You live and learn supposedly,
But often left in shambles.

You’re entitled to change your mind,
But I am not a yo-yo.
It’s all or nothing when it comes to me,
I always answered ‘yes.’

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No Parking on the Green, courtesy of Leo Reynolds from