Moving On

Moving On


I’d hoped it wouldn’t hurt so much,
When I walked away.
Not because I wanted to,
But because I could not stay.

Your words and actions damaged me,
In ways you do not know.
I’d offered you my everything,
And coldly you said ‘no.’

I looked to you for my second chance,
One you would not take,
I looked beyond the circumstance,
And trusted you with my fate.

How blind I was to reason,
Love, I’d been so scorned.
And even with the warning signs,
I still came knocking at your door.

But today is a brand new day,
Yesterday’s miseries in the past.
You might think you had the best of me,
This good thing did not last.

For you had sucked the marrow,
My giving you would take.
No ‘thank yous’ or ‘I love yous’
I finally did awake.

I am more than the moments shared,
For I am kind and true.
I am worth a whole lot more,
This I won’t get from you.

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The Way You Move, courtesy of Gisela Giardino from