Another Door Closes


With the writing on the wall,
The boat was set adrift,
In the early morning hours,
My heart was not equipped.

Saying goodbye was never planned,
Your actions were what goad me,
Save myself or lose myself,
The choice is what has sold me.

Tormented by the changing waves,
I loved you even still,
But shut me out you did so do,
At my attempts you’d chilled.

I longed for you and wanted to,
Your side to be a staple,
But long ago you left behind,
The girl who would always try to.

Our friendship changed that one err night,
When we gave in – submission,
And lost we did the years and time,
That had been in fruition.

I did not want to say goodbye,
Excuses no longer new,
I should have known this heart of mine,
Would never be renewed.

I loved you for the smile you brought,
To this melancholy gal,
I loved you from the moment,
That you and I were pals.

No sense in going backwards,
There’s really little time,
Before the tears start streaming down,
And my heart begins to die.

Creative Commons License

Closed, courtesy of Jasoon from

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