I thought I came alive last night,
Having woken from my slumber.
The years of heartache seemed to subside,
When I finally saw you there.

I did not know that life renewed,
In the chaos of my life.
And you were always standing there,
Somehow always in my sight.

To think I almost missed you,
To think I almost dared,
I almost missed your pale blue eyes,
Transfixed I did so stare.

We may never share a moment,
And may never share a kiss,
We may never even spend the time,
For those moments of sheer bliss.

But you have somehow managed to touch me,
Without a single caress.
You have breathed new life into my being,
A task that seemed forlorn.

Alive I feel this moment,
All because of you.
Alive is how I truly feel,
When I think of you.

Creative Commons License

Blue Eyes, courtesy of butler.corey from

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