Working for the Weekend

It has been over two weeks since my last confession…oh, wait. So yes, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. June and July have seemed like a blur and I’m exhausted. I did get a wonderful little respite by going to Jamaica for four days. It’d been the first time in 3 years and I couldn’t believe it. It so moved me that my last newspaper article was about that trip. However, I’m now back and I’m exhausted all over again. I’ve not yet heeded mine or my mother’s advice and as a result my personal responsibilities have been unceremoniously shoved to the side. I keep scheduling myself for more hours with one of my clients with the foolish hope that if I make the money I don’t have to be as concerned about making sure that all my documentation is in order at this moment. However, we all know what inevitably happens when we just keep piling up things we have to get done. It’s like the literal inbox sitting on the shelf behind me. Each of the four trays are overflowing with documents that I need to file or get to. Add to that the tools that I use to keep up with my life has become another thing on the list of things that I have to do. I’ve been rearranging tasks in my online task management system and have even carelessly resorted to also making sticky notes. Word of advice, keep all of tasks in one place. The time it takes you to grab a sticky note would be better served by inputting into the system you routinely use!

My husband and I are also living somewhat different lives. I wake up an hour after he’s kissed me goodbye for work and by the time he gets home I’m still in a marathon session in my office. Now that I work 7 days per week and all hours of the day or night it feels almost as if we’re too ships passing. Sure, when he gets home he’s less that 5 steps away from me but he is also busy with his college courses and has an algebra tutor in the Philippines with means the 12 hour time difference ensures he has late night sessions. Last night I have no idea when he actually came to bed and had it not been for my waking up prior to him leaving for work this morning, I wouldn’t hear from him until he sent me a text at lunch time or when he calls me when he’s coming home. A co-worker of mine also expressed concern yesterday regarding how chaotic things seem at present for me. I had to regretfully agree with her. Continue reading

A Bundle of Nerves

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve been going through training for a call center project that I have as an independent contractor and tomorrow is my first day on the phones. I hadn’t been very nervous until today. As the hours count down to my first shift I become a little anxious. I know that I am savvy enough to find the information I need when I need it. However, when trying anything new there is always that bit of apprehension and nerves that naturally gets the better of us. I’ve put in countless hours of preparation and tomorrow is it. Will it go off without a hitch? I’m sure I’ll fill you in on all the details.

I’m beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed. I have so many little projects that I need to complete and so it just makes me feel uneasy. I spent the majority of today not working. Correction, I spent it not working for compensation. Sure, I worked. I am almost finished with the months-long project of fully moving into the home we now share with my brother. I’d attempted to clean up over the weekend but in the end I only made a bigger mess than there had been before. But today, today was the last straw. I was tired of tripping over items in the floor and it was simply wearing on my OCD sensibilities. The room is almost completely finished. I even started in on my office. I needed to clear some of the physical clutter so that my mind and sense of being would also begin to clear. It did help. All I need to do now is stick to my schedule so that I can get everything done that I need to. Okay, maybe not everything, but I’d be able to get better control over all the loose ends that I need to tie up. Continue reading

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I am often shocked at how many days and weeks that can go by without me taking the time to blog. I’m the type that hates to just type a paragraph. I like to carve out time where I can allow my words to wrap warmly around me as I sit and type away on my computer. The chaos of the day has now ebbed and although it’s late, the hour has yet to weave its web of sleepiness. I’ve had a very hectic June. I have been doing training for my independent contractor call center job. It is all-consuming. We meet for 4 hours every day. We pretty much only get Sundays off. Plus there is homework that can take up to two hours to complete. Once training is finished at the end of the month I’ll be able to set my own schedule. I’m anxiously working toward that. It’s not that we’re not being paid for training, however, it will be very nice to select more flexible hours that will then allow me to better accommodate my other projects.

Things have been well. Outside the usual complaints of having no money and being a lot fatter than I’d like to be, I’m content. I’ve still not yet packed away the mini stacks of items around our two-room suite. However, I keep telling myself that I’m a day closer to doing so. Just a few days ago I got a real creative moment going for about a half an hour and was able to finish writing 4 poems I’d previously started plus write 2 more. Now, if only I could begin writing the novella I’ve been talking about for years! I will say that when speaking to a cousin of mine recently, I came up with an idea that will add layers and even more of myself to the story. And in truth, I do have my notes for at least two sections of the book, I really just need to get it done. However, my days have been so long recently. I’ve been busy but my income would say otherwise. I’m doing a lot of work, putting in the time, developing relationships, you name it, I’m doing it. Continue reading